Affiliate World Europe Barcelona 2018

Affiliate World Europe Barcelona 2018

July 18th 2018 marked the start of Affiliate World Europe Barcelona, bringing together a collective of the industries elite, both old and new, to network and catch up.

The Affiliate World conferences are always super productive events for us so when we heard that it was heading to Barcelona we were psyched to be able to head to a location we both love so much.

The Road to Barcelona

The adventure began a few days before the event, with myself and Oliver grabbing the train down from Bristol through London, Paris and onto Barcelona.

It wasn’t the smoothest trip, with train cancellations, passport issues, 90kmh death rides across Paris and of course some gourmet grub but we made it safe and sound.

Affiliate World Europe Barcelona - The Journey

Alcohol and gourmet food

The Calm Before The Storm

After touching down in Barcelona on the Monday evening at around 23:30, we jumped up bright and early on the Tuesday to get ourselves ready for the days ahead.

After hitting the gym and swim, we grabbed some juices in a mall close to the venue before heading to meet some of our good friends at Lucy’s Burger and Tapas in central Barcelona.

It was great to take the time to chill, catchup and eat some top food before the event really kicked off that evening.

AffiliateFix Meetup

Night one in Barcelona saw Oliver, Kylon and the AffiliateFix crew host networking drinks at El Ninot Cuina Bar.

The event was a huge success, with hundreds showing up to get their trip to Barcelona kicked off in style.

A big thanks to Maria and her team at El Ninot Cuina Bar for their hospitality and assistance in making it a meetup to remember.

Advidi Rooftop Party and Brand Reveal

Following the AffiliateFix meetup, a bunch of us grabbed some food before heading to the Advidi Rooftop Party, where Advidi took the opportunity to reveal their new look branding to some of their largest publishers and partners before a night of top quality networking.

Advidi Revealed Their New Branding

Conference Day 1

By the time day 1 of the conference was upon us we were settled and excited to hit the floor to do some business.

Our impression after walking onto the floor for the first time was that it was definitely different to other shows. Everything was very open and expansive, with booths organised in a neat grid system which allowed us to work the floor efficiently.

Affiliate World Europe Barcelona Conference Floor

We took some time to get familiarised with everything and then got down to working our way around, booth hopping and diving in and out of meetings. There was a great atmosphere and everyone seemed to be doing some great business but there was definitely one thing missing, the beer garden!

Back in Berlin the beer garden was undoubtedly the location where we did most of our business. It was a great area for everyone to relax and let their guard down and it’s definitely an area that would have been beneficial in Barcelona.

Official networking plus Dinner with AS

After a busy day covering the floor at the conference, we headed upstairs to check in at the official networking drinks.

This was a great opportunity to really connect with everyone in a more relaxed environment over a glass of Cava (or 3), making up for the lack of beer garden.

Affiliate World Europe Donut Wall

We were joined by a few friends from Affiliate Summit which provided a great opportunity to discuss some potential speaking opportunities in the near future (keep your eyes peeled for more info), before we all decided to set off for dinner down on the beach.

Conference Day 2

Day 2 of the conference started a little slower than the first as we had some work to catch up with in the morning.

Following that we met up with Kylon from AffiliateFix and his wife, Teliah for some lunch at an awesome Health Kitchen that was right next to the venue (if you’re ever in Barcelona you must visit).

Once we hit the conference floor, it kicked off as strongly as the first day, with some relentless networking, booth hopping and meetings to ensure we were making the most of our time on the floor.

We took the opportunity to meet up with some our existing clients who were exhibiting and then attended some of the mixers which provided a great opportunity for people to connect around a particular topic.

Safe to say that it was just as relentless as day 1 but it was great to make the most of our time on the floor.

AdLeaks Meetup

Our day at the conference was done, the evening was upon us and it was now the time for the AdLeaks meet up, organised by a good friend of ours, Tim Burd.

If you don’t know Tim already then you will do soon enough. A true entrepreneur genius, founder of AdLeaks, founder of the Facebook Ad Buyers group and a track record of multi-million dollar spends on Facebook Ads, this guy knows his stuff.

When we arrived the venue was packed, with queues spanning right from the entrance and down 3 or 4 flights of stairs, it was the place to be.

Once in, we had the opportunity to sit down with Tim and catch up before he whisked away to do the rounds.

Affiliate World Barcelona - AdLeaks Party

Drinks with the man himself, Tim Burd.

The meet up wasn’t shy of some top industry faces:

Affiliate World Europe - AdLeaks Party

Attila and Taiwo (CashMoneyAffiliate)

Affiliate World Europe - AdLeaks Party

Paul Jy and Servando Silva

Adios Barcelona

After a relentless few days of networking and business we finished off our trip in Barcelona with a couple of final days meetings, a visit to the beach and then dinner with some close friends at what can only been described as the best burger joint I’ve been to!

Wrap Up

It’s safe to say that Affiliate World Europe Barcelona didn’t disappoint!

The conference, parties, people and business left us excited for next year. We’ve come away with good memories, strong connections and a fire to take this to the next level.

Until next time.

Andy Haskins

Co-founder of Landing Page Guys. Landing page geek, persuasion psychology obsessive and conversion optimiser.